Buccaneer Motor Sports Club is committed to the protection of the environment, reducing the detrimental impact of its activities on the environment and improving the sustainability of motorsport in the UK by:

 Reduce printing of documents by using virtual means where possible, and ensure easy access for all who require this material. 

 Reduction of travel by holding meetings on line where practicable.

 Not using single use plastics or non-recyclable products where possible. 

 Responsibly recycling waste material as far as is practicable. 

 Ensuring committee members are aware of the impact of their activities on the environment. 

 Promote environmental sustainability as widely as possible to all involved with the association. 

 Carry out reviews to ensure BMSC remains consistent with this commitment and strive to continuously improve. 

BMSC would ask for club members for their support in this, for them to follow these actions and to manage the following significant environmental aspects during any event they organise or support and club members take part in. 

 Waste: Make every effort to eliminate or reduce waste, and ask all who attend to do the same. Ensure that any waste, including biodegradable food and cigarette butts, produced at the event, or en-route, is taken home to be disposed of and recycled where possible. Consider that livestock and other people use the venues. 

Act with respect to the landowners to help retain their support for future events. 

 Noise: Motorsport UK legal noise levels are required at all times, unless a lower level is specified in supplementary regulations. If a vehicle noise is found to be excessive by the organisers, competitors will be asked to reduce this to acceptable levels. Please drive considerately whenever on the public road and in sensitive areas. 

 Land, water and air protection: Protect event sites and routes from environmental damage. Measures taken to reduce land damage include consideration of weather conditions, autotest layouts and permitted tyres. Organisers have the authority to decline any tyres they deem to be unsuitable or potentially land damaging. Refueling should not be avoided at events where possible, but if required, should only be carried out with appropriate measures in place to avoid any spillages. 

We also encourage our members to consider:- 

 Establishing an environmental sustainability system. 

 Achieving Motorsport UK sustainability accreditation. 

 Measuring the carbon footprint on events using a carbon calculator, to find areas where improvements can be made. 

 Work towards achieving net zero carbon emissions on events. Further information can be found on the Motorsport UK WEBSITE