Chris Andrews

Stage commander, in stage marshal and radio

Chris spent a long time as a spectator and then moved into marshalling and went from learning the ropes as a Deputy and Safety officer to a stage commander, he currently commands the club stage on the R.A.C rally.

Ali Binns

Timing & Radio marshal

A very competent timing and radio marshal, he began aged 4 when his Dad had to deal with an incident and he carried on collecting car numbers on his own without being asked,,a chip off the old block. Currently at Lancaster Uni he gets out on events when he can.

Jon Binns

Committee member

Jon Binns has been a stage commander for over 100 events and has served 3 terms for Motorsport UK on the Trainers working group and was the UK's marshals representative on Motorsport UK council. Jon competes on classic test events as a navigator, previously he navigated in stage events. Jon is an International training instructor and has delivered training in Eastern Europe and the Isle of Man. He enjoys all roles on rally stages and is an avid Formula 1 fan.

Lis Binns

Timing & Radio Marshal

Lis is an extremely competent timing and radio marshal. She makes a great bacon butty on the start line. Her "back room" duties have been the "back bone" of the team, she sorts out the marshals goodies, just don't mentioned fleeces to her. Lis has been known to attach 200 badges to lanyards and count pens in their hundreds. Always supportive and always cheerful

Julie Branton

Club Member

Julie is a club member, she enjoys the social aspect of club membership

Simon Branton

Social member

Simon has been club chairman but is now a committee member and helps to steer the club along the straight and narrow, he has a love of sports cars

Dave Brodie

Chief Marshal

Dave is a recent addition to BMSC, he has been SC on WRGB and is now reaffirming his knowledge of timing, he does stage set up and timing and recently was SC on the Pendragon. Dave usually carries chief marshal roles on the Malcolm Wilson and other Cumbrian based events.

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Neil Cahill

Rescue, Safety Car & Trainer

Neil has been stage commander on events including Jim Clark and he carries out radio coordinator roles as well as radio and timing duties. For 6 years he was the WRGB staffing officer. These days he concentrates his time on Corsair rescue unit, he is the crew chief, this is the first UK CQC dedicated rescue unit Covid compliant . Neil was also one of the main collaborators on Motorsport UK training for Isle of Man and his role as an trainer.

Ian Clare

Radio and timing

Ian has been a stage commander for many years, he now spends his time mostly at Oulton Park driving the fire truck or in Europe marshalling in Germany, Belgium etc. He has mentored many stage commanders and is involved with stage set up, radio and timing duties.

Matt Dent

WRC logistics expert

The interchangeable Matt and Gary - they are well versed in the specialist subject of finding tea rooms with cake Matt and Gary work as a team on stage build, timing and radio duties

Rob Forster

In stage marshal

In stage marshal, Trainee Radio marshal

Nick Gordge

Radio & In stage Marshal

Nick began rallying as a driver in a Vauxhall Astra 23 Years ago, he also supported other club members with his mechanical skills before taking on in stage, timing and radio roles.

Bob Fisher & Joy Hewson

Committee members

Bob is a radio controller but does a lot of start line radio roles on stages Joy , also a radio controller also juggles her Motorsport UK trainer role and she competes on tests. They are well known in the work of endurance trails like Le Jog as organisers and marshals

Tony Johnston Margaret Johnston

Tony is treasurer, both are Radio specialists

Tony and Margaret started off in the world of race, doing every job very well from post chief to grid start line, then they branched out into rally and never really looked back. They are very competent radio operators and have good timing knowledge. Margaret has been stage spectator officer and both were on stop line WRGB radio duties.

Trevor Leathley

Committee member

Trevor has been involved with the club for more years than he cares to remember and is the chief marshal and produces the club newsletter. He is also a stage commander and takes on most roles found on a stage.

Jon Leckenby

In stage marshal, Radio, Timing, Safety Officer

Jon has been marshalling for more years than he cares to remember and has competed on rallies as both a driver and navigator, and on autotests. Jon has the dubious task of arranging for over 50% of the rally marshals at Goodwood Festival of Speed which he controls with Rules 4 & 8, humour and added sarcasm.

Richard Lilley

Radio & Timing

Richard has held just every job on a stage including stage commander, he is well placed to drop into any job and has a very laid back attitude, never flusters.

Jim Maguire

Stage Commander , Deputy, Safety Officer

Jim has many talents, radio was his predominant role until he joined BMSC, now he commands and all other senior stage roles.

Lisa Maguire

Club secretary Radio is a specialty but also Stage Commander roles

Lisa is Buccaneer radio control, she is also a stage commander, deputy SC and safety officer. Her stage set up is pretty awesome too.

Matt Maguire

Radio, Timing, In stage marshal

Michelle Mounton's favourite cadet marshal, Matt is usually found behind a radio but he is quite a whizz on timing too, this guy will go far and no doubt be one of the UK;s youngest stage commanders if he carries on at the rate he is going. He isn't bad at stage set up too.

Matt Parkinson

Radio, timing and in stage marshal

Matt is still under 25 but has crammed a lot into to his rallying - he also gives his mechanical skills to support endurance motoring events in Europe for support to Men's cancer charities. Matt is a radio and instage marshal and is a great help with his trusty van on stage set up.

Chris Nash

Marshal, Timing, Sector

Chris Nash is our most recent club member, he worked with BMSC on WRGB shakedown stage 2019 and became an instant hit with the team.

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Martin Pullan

Committee member

Martin took up motorsport as he was advised it was cheaper and less time consuming than flying gliders... he finally realises this was bad advice. He started navigating internationally and continued in this role for 25 years on events that were the precursor to WRGB. He had some top 3 results in a variety of cars. When not competing he began marshalling and doing radio duties but his love of gadgets come to the fore and he is now an MSA National A Time Keeper. Martin has also been a stage commander, safety officer and DSC.

Gary Prosser

Committee members

The interchangeable Matt and Gary - they are well versed in the specialist subject of finding tea rooms with cake Matt and Gary work as a team on stage build, timing and radio duties with FF being their specialist subject on WRGB

Phil Reade

Timing marshal

Phil "the shirt" Reade is one of our specialist timing marshals, a wicked sense of humour and an interesting choice of hats.

Trefor Rowlands

Instage marshal and Timing marshal

Trefor is our Welsh member, he also owns and drives a TR7 in Classic events, navagated by Jon Binns. Trefor is a very prolific stage build team member, always ready to help out and has a wicked dry sense of humour.

Martin Scoley

In stage, Radio, Timing Marshal

Martin is a recent member of BMSC, he has joined us on WRGB assisting Karen Spencer, Isle of Man trips and his plans for 2019 are to join the team on a trip to Rally Germany too.

Mark Smith

Radio Marshal, Timing Marshal, Sector Marshal

Member of British Rally Marshals club since 2001. Started off marshaling at Oulton Park on the bank and then did a couple of years in the pit lane marshalling. Spend my marshaling time now on safety radio and other roles as and when required on rallies. My passion is with rally marshaling and really enjoy a day in the forests or at single venue rallies either as a radio marshal or any other role that’s needed. Single venue events are really good as you see a lot more. Anglesey is my favourite circuit for single venue stage rallies closely followed by Weeton.

Karen "Kassie" Spencer

Chairperson, web page, Stage commander, Clerk, safety car

Karen started out navigating in an Austin Maestro, it was an interesting experience which resulted in her taking up marshaling. Karen carries out radio and timing duties as well as in stage duties when she can. Currently Karen is a stage commander on the Isle of Man on the Manx National and arranges to take a team of 14 people with her. She is a Clerk of Course and Motorsport UK trainer. Working with Jon Binns and Neil Cahill to provide training on the Isle of Man. She was chosen to attend the FIA Geneva training session for new to marshalling, 2017 Saw her as the first woman in 25 yrs to run a stage on WRGB, Shakedown. Karen is DSC and SO on many club events and has mentored new stage commanders. Karen enjoys writing the new to Motorsport marshaling training course with Neil Cahill and enjoyed a trip to Croatia to help train other Eastern European trainers. She holds a National B time keeping grade. She attended St Ursanne in Switzerland for a European round of the hill climb championship and thought the beer good but expensive. She has recently taken over as association training officer for the East Midlands region and co-organised training covering 5 associations. Never one to slow down she commanding two events in 2021 (Covid permitting) and writing more training material.

Neil Wearmouth

In stage marshal

Neil has been marshalling for a couple of years now, he started with the Trackrod rally. He enjoyed the day and the company of the marshal he was allocated work with, then he did his on line learning. Neil has since been on over 20 events and only attended a couple of small incidents which his training helped him deal with efficiently and accurately. Neil joined Buccaneer MSC and has worked along side the team and increased his knowledge, he will be starting timing keeping later this year on the Christmas stages.

James Webster

Radio and stage set up

Started marshaling in 1984. Both circuit and rallies. My first event was stopline on the Plains where I first met Margie and Tony. Did many single venue events at Oulton Park, Aintree and 3 sisters. Did numerous Lombard RAC rallies most years doing 2 or 3 stages both as radio and in stage marshal. Was sector marshal for 3 or 4 years at the event in Camalot theme Park. Left the country for Indonesia in 2008 and even marshaled at some rallies there. Came back to UK in 2017. 1986-87 I ran Steve King in his Manta winning the EARS Motoring news tarmac championship in 87 and led the service team for 2 years for EARS motorsports. Also was assistant team manager for a couple of race teams. Winning both UK and European Radical championship in 2007.

Martin Wildsmith

Committee member, GDPR guru

Martin recently passed away, he was a stalwart of the club and he will be greatly missed.

Dawn Quinn

Sector marshals and timing marshal

Versatile club member with an ability to do most job when dropped in from a great height.