Where it all began, over 80 years ago

In the beginning

The Blackburn aircraft motor club was the initial incarnation of BMSC can be traced back to October 1936. The first newspaper report was as follows The Blackburn Aircraft Motor Club a newly-formed sports section of the Blackburn Welfare Society of Brough held their first reliability trail yesterday. An entry of 30 received, an excellent figure for a new club. Rain had saturated the course, but the standard of driving was high and no accident or breakdowns were reported. The competition ended with tea at the Bell Hotel, Driffield.

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Sir Stirling Moss gets a win

Stirling Moss bags wins at Brough

Way back when....

Early days

The date of this race meeting was 3rd October 1954, and it was organised by the Blackburn Welfare Motor Club of Brough, East Yorkshire. Costing one shilling, this programme described the two- and four-wheel races that were due to take place that day. The cover features an advertisement for Brown's (Witham) Limited of Hull, a specialist in all the popular British motorcycles of the day, including those produced by BSA, Norton, and Excelsior. They also stocked Watsonian and Nicholson sidecars. The rear outer cover (not shown) advertised Jordan's of Story Street in Hull, a dealer in new and used machines. A peek inside the front cover reveals a similar full-page ad, this time for Shearsmith's of York, another retailer of fine British bikes including Velocette, AJS, DOT and Sunbeam.